Be careful not to overeat ramen😱

High Calorie and Salt Content: Ramen is generally high in calories and often contains high salt content. Excessive calorie intake increases the risk of weight gain and obesity, while high salt intake may increase the risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

While there is no problem when enjoyed in moderate amounts, excessive consumption of ramen noodles should be considered when considering its impact on health. It is important to keep in mind a balanced diet and appropriate dietary variations🤤

It is important to know the ingredients of ramen and its nutrition!

Ramen is not a nutritious food, but it does provide several nutrients to consider for a balanced nutritional intake.

A variety of ingredients may be added to ramen as garnishes. Some ingredients provide protein, vegetables, seaweed, eggs, and other nutrients. Nutritional value varies depending on the type and amount of ingredients, so it is important to incorporate variation!

In general, ramen is not nutritious as a staple food, but the ingredients and garnishes can supplement the nutrients. It is important to enjoy ramen while keeping a balanced diet in mind!

Kouichi Tanaka



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