This is a review of Maruchan Ramen MAIKAGURA Supervised Chicken Shiratsuyu Ramen, a cup noodle from Toyo Suisan.

This time, the cup noodle is “Maruchan Ramen MAIKAGURA Supervised Chicken Hakyu Ramen” from Toyo Suisan, a new product to be released on May 15, 2023. This cup noodle reproduces the taste of “Ramen MAIKAGURA,” a popular tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen restaurant in Chitose-Funabashi, Tokyo.

There is one separate bag. The cup contains noodles, soup powder, and kayaku. It contains a lot of white powder.

Add hot water and 3 minutes and done!

Supervised by the owner of “Ramen MAIKAGURA”, a popular restaurant with a long line. Creamy and rich chicken ramen.

(Western) soup

Creamy thick chicken white soup. Along with the chicken flavor, it had a strong sweetness and a mildly thick feeling. The restaurant’s soup seems to have a potage style, and this time the soup also had a potage feel to it.

The “special oil” that comes as an optional extra has chicken oil and other fats floating in it, making the thick chicken shiranyu soup even more mellow. This time, there is no mention of the white truffle that was in the soup before, but I think I can taste a little truffle flavor, albeit weaker than last year… I am not so sure, so I could be mistaken.


It is a medium-thin, shredded fried noodle with a 3-minute return time from the boiling water. Compared to “Majimori” noodles, these noodles are slower and more docile, and are probably the type often used in the “Kinsei” series. The soup is so rich that it would be balanced even if the noodles were thicker, but to fully appreciate the delicate taste of chicken, the thinness of these noodles is probably just right.

counter for armor (armour), suits, sets of furniture

It contains pork and green onions. Both were in large quantities and were very satisfying. The ingredients are quite different from those in the ramen at the restaurant, but this is not so bad. It seems to have the same composition as last year and about the same volume.

What I tried to eat!😁

The creamy, sweet chicken white soup had a mellow, rich appeal. It went well with the medium-thin fried noodles, and the pork and green onions were generous in volume. It was a very tasty chicken shiranyu.👍✨

Kouichi Tanaka



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