This time, we would like to introduce a ramen restaurant in Akiruno City, Tokyo, called “Menudo Ishikawa”.

Once inside the restaurant, buy a meal ticket from the ticket machine!

In the kitchen, the owner begins to heat up the bowl and chashu pork with steam from the boiling pot.
The highlight of the meticulous work is the noodle lifting.
Using a large strainer and chopsticks, he gently pulls the noodles together, and finally, using a flat surface, transfers them beautifully to the bowl.
It takes about 20 seconds to lift a bowl of noodles, but the noodles are cooked just right as a result.
After a 10-minute wait, the noodles were served.


This is an exquisite seiyu (clear broth) with a sigh of relief, made from chicken-based animal broth and a variety of seafood broths.
The broth is full of animal broth and a round, just-right saltiness, with a strong touch of niboshi (dried bonito) and niboshi (dried sardines), and a lingering, zingy shellfish-like soup stock.
According to the brochure, scallops and shijimi clams are also used.
The depth and multi-layered feeling of this dish.
The soup, in which each ingredient is balanced at a high dimension, is powerful, but at the same time, it is dignified and elegant.
It would be a shame not to savor every last drop!


Thin, straight noodles so beautifully prepared that it would be a shame to break them up.
According to the preceding repo, they are made at Itsuki, which we visited earlier.

The smooth, superb sipping experience is followed by a strong, firm texture and a crisp, snappy feel.
The noodles are expressive and have an unmistakable flavor.
It is a wonderful noodle.🌈✨

This was my long-awaited first visit to this restaurant, and I was very satisfied with a bowl of ramen that exceeded my expectations.
In addition to the ramen itself being close to the middle of the strike zone, the owner’s meticulous workmanship and the beautiful visuals pushed it up to a big score.
I would definitely return to this restaurant.

Thank you very much for the food.👍👍👍🍜🍜🍜🍜

337-1 Ninomiya, Akiruno, Tokyo 197-0814

Access: JR Itsukaichi Line “Akikawa Station” (662m)
Business hours: 11:00 – 14:00
Closed: Wednesdays and Sundays
Seating capacity: 13 seats (7 at counter, 6 at tables)
Smoking No smoking
Parking Parking available
12 cars in total in front of, next to, and behind the restaurant