This time, I’m going to have Gamow Smile’s Pork Seiyu Ramen.
I’ll take it!

At Ramen Gamow Smile, you can enjoy soy sauce ramen, salt ramen, mazesoba (chashu pork and doteyaki), and other attractive limited edition ramen and side dishes made with chicken and seasonal seafood for a limited time. Open from morning, you can enjoy delicious ramen from morning when you visit Gamow’s.✨👍

This time, I woke up early in the morning and arrived a little after opening time to join the waiting line. After a short wait, I was ushered into the restaurant with a cheery smile from the staff.


The interior of the restaurant is very clean, the service is courteous, and after a few minutes of excitedly waiting for the ramen to arrive, the ramen arrives… ta-da!

Oh, that looks so good! Looks so delicious!

Beautiful visuals and the fresh aroma of the delicious Japanese soy sauce dashi broth! The pleasant aroma of the dashi broth is also wonderful, and it looks so delicious!

(Western) soup

Soy sauce soup full of the flavor of pork clear soup! The soup is made from 100% Kirishima Royal Pork stock, deep and rich in flavor, with a pleasantly sweet taste that spreads slightly, elegant and clear. The topping of pork chashu pork also spreads its flavor and is outstandingly delicious! In the latter half of the dish, when the vinegared oranges are added, a tangy and refreshing flavor spreads through the taste. Much delicious!


The noodles are medium-fine and straight, beautifully arranged like a clear stream, rich in flavor and intertwined well with the soup, and are served slurping smoothly down the throat while enjoying the texture and firmness. As you slurp the noodles, the flavor of the broth will spread softly.

We were very satisfied with Gamow’s wonderful ramen that spread the flavor!

It was so delicious! Gugg!

The limited edition ramen, full of flavor, was very delicious. I had a wonderful ramen encounter that day as well. I would love to visit again to eat there when I stop by the neighborhood…🍜🍜

Ramen Gamow Smile🍜👍✨

1-11-5 Imafukunishi, Joto-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

About 2,3 minutes walk from Gamo 4-chome station

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